Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen) - New Product for USA customers.

Hello I noticed that at USA market Ring release Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen) is that will be avaliable at for UK custumers ? And if Yes, when will be avaliable ? Or if is any other external plug for Ring Doorbell 2nd gen which we can buy in UK ? Also lot of users of Ring Doorbell 2 is writing that Plug-In Adapter Ring Video Doorbell Pro which is avaliable at UK website is working also with Doorbell 2nd gen is that true ? And is it safe to use this one for 2nd gen ?

Best regards Damian

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Hi @DjSnaKe. The Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen) that you linked to on our website is not currently available for the UK. While I don’t have any information to share on when this could be released in the UK, I’d suggest keeping an eye on our UK News and Announcements board for any news on product releases and features. In the meantime, we advise against purchasing the US Plug-In Adapter and trying to use it in the UK as it is not designed to be used there.


No one will answer you here, it’s an official forum and they will give you official, generic answers, any escalation to senior team is very difficult for them as we can see. Go to Reddit, Hotukdeals discussions etc.

They didn’t even understand and fully answered your question. You asked about UK Ring Doorbell Pro adaptor available on Ring UK and Amz UK. Got it. Plug-In Adapter Ring Video Doorbell Pro is 100% working with any Ring doorbell and even with Google Nest Doorbell as well. It’s just a transformer, there is nothing intelligent built in it that would ‘identify’ your doorbell :slight_smile:

It’s on deal at the moment (£15) so you might need to hurry before it comes back to £25 RRP price.

Hope I helped.