Pleased so far... why?

Hi all

I’m new to the Ring system and this community too. I got my Wirded bell over a week ago… i was going to put it in the front door but didn’t want moving wiring so thought of the UPVc frame instead as the wired bell is significantly narrower than other models… it is just the right width for the frame. After thinking about it i realised it was now going to be off centre so looked at the angled adapters… got one off eBay yesterday and fitted it.

Why am i pleased? well after figuring how to set active zones I have not had one false alarm despite the many people and cars going past at all hours of the day… yet still activates when i go out or press the bell. This was going to be my frustrating thing… thinking it was going to go off all through the day/night.

So far so good.

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