Please give us better shortcuts on the app!

Hi. Please would you create a shortcut for the ‘motion activated lights’ on/off switch?! We regularly have to let our dogs out late at night & don’t want to disturb the neighbours with the lights so we switch them off. At the moment it takes 10 presses to switch the motion activation off & then back on again! It might not seem like a lot but it’s unnecessary and certainly mounts up, especially now the app seems to automatically take you straight back to the home page. We used to leave it open on the ‘Motion Activated Lights’ page to save having to navigate all the way back but now the app defaults to Home every time so off we go again with ten fiddly button presses.

Please could you extend the list of available shortcuts from the current four to include a simple switch for the motion activated lights? Great otherwise!

For product suggestions you’ll want to post them here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) so that they can get voted on. With enough votes they might get the attention of the Ring Devs.


Ah, ok, will do, many thanks!