Please get snapshot capture on 3rd gen stick up cams

I just got a new 3rd gen wired stick up cam and am very disappointed to not have snapshot capture available.

Silly me for expecting 3rg gen cameras to have at least the same features as the 2nd gen.

Please get this feature rolled out to 3rd gen Stick up cams!!

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Hey neighbor! The Snapshot feature i**s currently available on new device setups, but access to this feature will be available for existing devices and versions soon. We also have a note in our Ring Help Center Article here, which points out that the Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen does not have it at this time, whether the device was newly set up or not, but it is coming this year! You may see one device have it while another does not, and this can be due to the device being a different hardware version than your other. You can verify this with our support team here. **

The expectation for snapshot to work should have been included in the latest version of the cameras from the get go. You would expect the latest purchased devices to have the latest options and would not consider that to be anything other than expected. You mention coming in 2020; we are already 3/4 of the way through 2020 and having bought my 3rd gen camera in January having waited 8 months already is it not possible to frame and/or manage our expectations by saying when (month) we should reasonable expect the option which exists on the “old” cameras?

I like stickupcamman am very disappointed. Look forward to black and white response, hopefully!