PLEASE FIX the BS! Before ring looses it's users and along with them millions in $$$$

Ring was once good and was proud user and premium subscriber I’m sure you know what improvements need to be made I see almost all the same issues I’m having posted numerous times by numerous ring users on the help forums so obviously it’s something on your end RING !!! Likely due to becoming too big and massive memory storage needed that came with it so invest in your own growth or continue growing better put … PLEASE BRING BACK WHAT USED TO BE OR I’M FORCED TO EXPLORE OTHER OPTIONS…


We are just fellow users here so complaining to us, about whatever it is you have issue with, is pointless. If you have an actual issue that someone might be able to have a solution for then please post it.

I think I know exactly how you’re feeling. I supported ring with its very first ring doorbell. I even communicated with Jamie directly! Now the support is just utter rubbish. They focus on spitting out new hardwares while leaving features, bug fixes and other improvements in the dust.

Hi @Josealvarez0791. The Ring Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum, but we’re happy to help with general troubleshooting tips and tricks. To do so, we would need some more information, such as what Ring device you have and some specifics on what you’re experiencing with it. You’re also always welcome to reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.:slight_smile: