"Please enter a valid email" when updating email address

I’m trying to update my email address for my account but it’s saying “Please enter a valid email” when I try - and yes it is valid and I have typed it correctly.

Its seems to not like any email addresses on my domain that I try. Is there any way to get this sorted?


I just spoke to customer service yesterday about this. I have an android phone and common email addresses pop up. What I did was I manually entered the email address and it worked. Hope this helps.

Sadly this wasnt on my phone, it was on my laptop.
I might give support a shout if its not a common issue

Hi @PistolPeteUK. I would try using a different web browser to see if it makes a difference. If that does not work either, then try using the Ring app on your phone to change your email. Let me know if any of those work for you.