Please enable the Skill for ALL countries

I do get that you cannot translate the skill to every languange supported by Alexa - especially not for markets you do not officially deliver to. But could you please make the skill avialable in those stores, too?
I relocated from Germany to Japan over a year ago and since then I have been waiting for the the skill to show up on my Japanese Echo Show. I am perfectly happy with the English/German version as it is - no need to add a new languange but please make it so, that the skill can be installed!
If Japanese language is a requirement for the Japanese store you can always use a machine translation…

Please make this happen!

HI @ksh_osaka. Skills that are available for the Amazon Alexa are developed by the Amazon Alexa team, and not by Ring. We do support this integration, but we do not develop it. This link here will take you to the Amazon Alexa community, where you can share this with their team and hopefully put this request in motion. :slightly_smiling_face: