Please enable linking Made for Ring devices to the Ring Alarm base station

I use my Ring Alarm as the Z-Wave controller for my smart home using Z-Wave devices that are certified “Made for Ring”, e.g. the GE In-Wall Paddle Switch that is sold by Ring at

When my Ring Alarm detects an intruder, I wish for it to automatically turn on the lights in my house. Ring currently enables linking devices to the base station using the “Linked Devices” option, which can be used to automatically turn on lights during an intrusion; however, it does not support third-party Z-Wave switches, even if they are certified by Ring as “Made for Ring”. I’m specially using the GE paddle switch referenced above and have it setup as a light switch, but it can not be added as a Linked Device.

Please enable linking “Made for Ring” Z-Wave switches, lights, and devices to Ring Alarm using the “Linked Devices” feature, so the alarm can automatically control those devices when an intruder is detected. Thank you.

I would like to have my Ring doorbell be able to turn on lights via a switch

  1. Front doorbell turn on the front porch lights and walkway floodlights

  2. Rear doorbell turn on rear lights

when motion is detected or someone rings the door. Otherwise the only use of the z-wave bridge is be able to manually toggle the lights, which is available now, but low on the list of features.

Would also like the motion sensor that comes with the alarm also be able to control the light switchs.

I would like to be able to use the zwave bridge as a smart home hub, you are 90% there with the app already