Please confirm my understanding :)

Looking to make an evolving investment in the Ring system. I read through much, but its far from clear what you CAN’T do under each plan.

My initial focus is self-monitored of alarms only using the Free Protect Plan:

* If I start with just the 5-piece alarm and attach the supported First Alert smoke / CO alarms to it can I use the Free Protect Plan to receive alerts if any of the alarms are triggered - and know which alarm specficially was triggered?

* If I expand the system using the retrofit kit to my existing door/window alarms, can I do the same? (get notified via free protect plan and know which alarm triggered)

After I’m happy with initial, I can add lighting, cameras, etc. controls still under the Free program. (e.g. no problem seeing live feed of multiple different camera or using various integration functionality without Basic or Plus Plans)

When I want more control of my camera (more than just “live”), professional monitoring, etc. that’s when I’ll invest in the Plus (or Basic possibly) plan.

Just want to go in with “eyes open”. If there is a limitation under Free Plan I’m fine with it… as long as I know it in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @SafeDave. Allow to help clarify some things on the Ring Protect Plans! We offer 2 plans, The Ring Protect Basic Plan and The Ring Protect Plus Plan. The Basic Plan is good for one device (Camera or Doorbell), at one location. The Plus Plan will cover all devices at one location. It also covers the Professional Monitoring for the Ring Alarm. If you chose to have no plan, you can still Live View any camera and use the Self Monitoring option for the RIng Alarm. I hope this helps clear things up!