Please bring back the Ring Peephole Cam (or a new version of it)

Please please bring back the Ring Peephole Cam (preferably an updated version of it).

The Peephole Camera is perfect for apartments and condos and I love mine so much. I personally have recommended the Peephole Camera to friends who also loved it. My apartment complex personally only allows residents to install Peephole cameras and we’re not allowed to adhere standard Ring doorbells.

In addition, none of the other Ring doorbells offer knock detection and this is one of my favorite features of the Peephole Camera. I fail to understand why the Peephole Camera was discontinued. Ring no longer offers a product that is ideal or tailored towards those who live in apartments and condos.

I hope Ring is able to bring this amazing product back.

I agree! Please bring back peephole cam!

Please bring back the ring peephole cam! It had wonderful features and no mounting or hardware required. It’s perfect for apartments or condos and many of us do rent. If you could even make one that is second or third generation that would be awesome as well!

Yes, please bring back peephole cam. Every time I find a used one for sale, it gets sold so fast!