Please bring back the Ring Peephole Cam (or a new version of it)

Please please bring back the Ring Peephole Cam (preferably an updated version of it).

The Peephole Camera is perfect for apartments and condos and I love mine so much. I personally have recommended the Peephole Camera to friends who also loved it. My apartment complex personally only allows residents to install Peephole cameras and we’re not allowed to adhere standard Ring doorbells.

In addition, none of the other Ring doorbells offer knock detection and this is one of my favorite features of the Peephole Camera. I fail to understand why the Peephole Camera was discontinued. Ring no longer offers a product that is ideal or tailored towards those who live in apartments and condos.

I hope Ring is able to bring this amazing product back.

I agree! Please bring back peephole cam!


Please bring back the ring peephole cam! It had wonderful features and no mounting or hardware required. It’s perfect for apartments or condos and many of us do rent. If you could even make one that is second or third generation that would be awesome as well!


Yes, please bring back peephole cam. Every time I find a used one for sale, it gets sold so fast!

They’re selling on eBay and other sites for around $250.00!!! Ring needs to bring back the peephole door cam!


I live in an apartment and as much as I wanted to put a doorbell cam up, my lease prevented me from drilling holes or putting fixtures to the outside of my door. That is until two years ago when the new lease allowed a small loophole of using cameras that don’t put holes into the walls or doors, but can use the existing holes or fixtures. The peephole cam fit that description perfectly! I bought one, tried it out and I began recommending it to all my friends and neighbors. Within a few months, nearly all the tenants have installed some sort of camera or another but only the Ring Peephole Cams are actually INSTALLED without creating new holes and not glued to the doors. Aside from the ease of installation, night vision, live view, and all the other great features that others offer, Ring Peephole Camera is the only one with Knock Detection.

So I got a new neighbor recently and he asked me about my Ring Peephole Cam, I simply told him that they’re on Amazon. I also suggested that he gets the “package view faceplate” and a spare battery to always have a fresh one standing by for a quick swap between charges. When he couldn’t find it, I helped him look for it. I couldn’t find it either and I couldn’t understand that. That’s when I stumbled upon a few articles about this product being discontinued. This excellent product that serves the needs of so many apartment and condo dwellers all over; discontinued? And now, to my dismay, my new neighbor is going to give his money to one of your competitors for an inferior product that uses double sided tape to install? This didn’t need to happen.

I happened to stumble upon the Ring Peephole Camera when I was shopping for my first camera and bought it at first sight. At the time, I wondered why, with all the advertising campaigns for Ring products, they never did a campaign to target the apartment dwellers who could have gotten a Ring Peephole Camera if they knew they were on the market. I had to stumble upon it by accident. And now they’re off the market without the target consumers ever knowing it was even an option to them. Ring missed the opportunity to reach out to the High Density Housing market.

Someone made the executive decision to discontinue such a popular and well designed product with almost 18,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4 1/2 stars rating and with about zero mass media advertising. The person who made that decision should be discontinued for ignoring such a huge profit potential and should be replaced with a professional who doesn’t cut out such a valuable market and can create more products that target this market’s unique needs; Landlords, HOA, or management that won’t allow fixtures attached by nails or screws to doors, frames or walls.

Discontinuing the Ring Peephole Camera created a market vacuum that will simply be filled by your competitors. If anyone wonders how Ring lost it’s competitive edge as the “originator” of the video doorbell market, look at decisions like this one. The fix is simple, bring back the Ring Peephole Camera with a real advertising campaign roll out. Be the first to seriously market to renters and condos that can’t mount a standard Ring due to restrictions of tenant agreements.


Yes! The Peephole camera is the best doorbell camera there is, and believe me, we’ve tried them all.
It only makes sense if Ring is going to upgrade it, but not discontinue it forever. Many Doorbells are useless at the place, angle and height where the wiring is. With the Peephoole Camera there’s no chance to have it wrong.
Please, please, please Upgrade and bring it back!!!


BRING BACK THE PEEPHOLE CAM! Does it need a little finessing? Sure. But, overall, it’s an excellent product. Especially for those of us who live in apartments/condos where boards/landlords won’t allow other types of video doorbells. I have had so many people ask me about it. Most recently, two weeks ago. A family friend said he was interested in buying it. I looked up my order history on amazon and sent him the link, not realizing the status: “currently unavailable.” A real shame. I recently purchased an alarm system and will be expanding it. The only reason I became a ring member was because of the peephole cam… the only product of its kind. Without it, I would have gone with one ring’s other competitors.


Yes! Bring back the peephole camera! This is a unique product – why was it discontinued?


Yes! Bring back the Peephole Camera or a more updated one asap! Both of my parents have been wanting to purchase one. I have one and I love it! Best investment ever!


I fully agree! Bring back the peephole camera!! I’d love to see it upgraded and available for purchase again. It’s very convenient to be able to look through the peephole (however it would be nice to have a slightly larger peephole) to see who is outside the door before I open it. Many times my doorbell has rang and I’ve tried opening the app to see who was there and the app took forever to open. It was quicker and easier to just go to the door and look through the peephole. But the sound has gotten really crackly and I’ve been holding out to see if (and beg) Ring will redesign and upgrade their last release of this camera. This is a great product and it’s NOT the same as the regular video doorbell. I LOVE having the removable battery on the INSIDE of the door rather than on the outside. Makes more sense anyway due to temperature and weather issues in some areas. Please, please, please reconsider bringing this product back with needed upgrades. I’d much rather prefer a peephole to a chain on my door to quickly see who is knocking or ringing since the video doesn’t connect immediately. An upgrade and great marketing campaign might just do it for great sales. There are so many condo and apartment complexes that could be solicited for safety and these days, everyone is looking to stay safe. Ring developers…PLEASE consider all those who love the peephole cam. I’m sure there are A LOT more people than the 14 who logged in to vote on this site - as of my reply - who would love to buy or upgrade their current peephole cam. I typically don’t request for a discontinued product to return but this one really deserves a comeback!!! :slight_smile: The newer doorbells just don’t cut it.


Please bring it back!!! So many of my neighbors have asked me where I got it and when I tell them it’s discontinued they’re saddened. I live in a building where we are limited on what we can put on our doors or door frames. The peephole camera worked out perfectly because we didn’t have to make holes anywhere. I just replaced the original peephole. As I said before, many of my neighbors would definitely buy it now. I would also buy one for my parents apartment so I can always make sure they are safe from unknown people knocking on their door.


I agree this is crazy!! I love the one at my condo. Had planned to purchase again. Why would they discontinue such a great product!! Perfect for apartments and condos where you can’t use any other doorbell option. Seriously ring why did you discontinue this product!!!

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Completely agree. Bring it back!

Last year I moved from an apartment to a house, and installed it on the front door of our house. While talking to our neighbors, who already have the regular Ring Video Doorbell, they all wished they had bought this, instead.

Just today, I was helping a neighbor who was having issues with his Ring Video Doorbell, and the conversation eventually led to me talking about my Ring Door View Cam. He came over to look at it, and said he much preferred this over what he had, first and foremost reason being the placement giving the best camera angles for a video doorbell.

He asked me how much it was, that’s when I searched the store to find that it was no longer available. Needless to say my neighbor was a bit bummed out.

And if you do make a new version, I only have two suggestions:

  1. Extend the vertical field of view of the camera–a lot of times delivered packages are placed right at the door, and just out of view of the camera–it would be nice to actually see a delivered package show up on video.
  2. Provide a powered option. The battery is already on the inside of our home, if some of us don’t mind running a wire to keep the camera powered, and thereby giving us a more “continuous” recording option (“pre-roll”), that will make the camera all the more useful.
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Please and thank you.

With much love,
A Loyal Customer


Totally agree. My daughter is moving into her first apartment and I went to purchase a peephole cam and found it discontinued. I understand that the config might be slightly different but figure out how to retrofit the other cams then. It’s such a great product! And now I have to switch out to another solution entirely. :frowning:

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PLEASE bring back the peephole cam
Sitting here with a broken one and a replacement cam that I can not do anything with
Living in an apartment the peephole cam is PERFECT!!

Just received the Door Bell 3 with no where to put it and have you seen the HORRIBLE door mounts for it…no tanks

So sad this is no longer a thing

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I agree being the peephole cam back!

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Plz bring it back!!! My microphone stopped working & I need a replacement!

I even drilled a hole in my brand new door when I installed it! Come on ring!!!

Just catching up with this news, having found the posting on their site after looking to get another one for a friend. Huge mistake, hope whoever made it gets fired.

Luckily for me, I originally got one years ago, but was forced to replace it due to cameras not being approved by the association. I set it aside and replaced it with a new standard doorbell (manual chimes in a box on the back of the door), along with a video system I made out of a raspberry pi so it didn’t alter the look of the outside door peephole hardware (nobody could tell the difference)

I learned a new skill or two, but now that the association has approved rings, I would have rather not have had to go to the lengths I did to just have a small useful camera on my door to capture things while I’m not home.

I will probably put my old Ring back on because I liked the look of it and the color faceplate options, but I guess I will have to keep the super advanced raspberry pi setup as backup for the inevitable failure.

There are other peephole camera solutions out there (short of building your own like I did), but they’re all U-G-L-Y and based on 20yr old tech. No thank you.

Please, bring the ring peephole back!!!
I hate, hate the other doorbell cams. I live in an apartment in NYC. The peephole showed the complete floor and stairs and I live in a corner. No matter how we play with the other rings it just doesn’t cut it. We even bought those mountings that you can turn to different angles. We tried several other mountings–nothing!! There is a gap that is not visible. Someone can hide and steal my packages if not worse. I just do not get it. Why discontinue this item? The peephole cam is perfect for apartments. I found the peephole product just by accident. I went to the ring website to search for a camera and jumped for joy when I saw the peephole. When we installed it we were even happier because it caught everyone that walked on my floor even around that gap. We had a robbery in our building. My husband decided a large dog was not enough. By chance we went to the ring and saw the peephole camera. It worked perfectly until 2 months ago. Now, we love this company but I am afraid we are going to have to move on and return this last camera we bought–we tried 2 others but they just do not work for us the way the peephole worked for. This last one we tried will be returned today to Amazon.