Please add the "Light Schedule" option for the Spotlight Cam Mount

I have the Floodlight Cam in the back yard and I set the “Light Schedule” to keep the lights on at night. I have the Spotlight Cam Mount on the front porch, and would like to also use the Light Schedule to program the lights on at night, but this option is not available in the app.

I realize the option makes no sense if you have a battery operated camera, but the Spotlight Mount is hardwired just like the Floodlight Cam. I was very disappointed to discover this after I had purchased and installed the Spotlight Cam.

I’m assuming this would be a simple software upgrade, and would greatly appreciate consideration to add this option to the app.

Many Thanks in Advance!!!

I totally agree with you. I purchased the spotlight cam a few weeks ago only to find out the light schedule cannot be changed which I find annoying seeing as it has lights. It should be able to be changed as the nights get lighter as the year goes on. I don’t want to keep going on the app to turn them off everyday. Ring please do something about this

I will add my name to the list wanting this seemingly simple software upgrade - if it exists on the floodlight cam, why not the spotlight cam?

I have one on my deck, and one on my patio. Often we are outside after dark and the bright spotlight comes on after detecting my motion. I thought it would be easy to schedule motion activated lights to begin after we go to bed. Unfortunately not the case currently.

Please add this functionality to the spotlight cam and cam mount as well!

And another vote for being able to have the same ability to adjust light settings on the spotlight camera (battery or wired) as the floodlight…at the very least give users the option to increase the time the light stays on…30 secs is too short…thank-you