Please add Spotlight Light ON with motion feature at night - even when porch light is nearby

Hi all.
Just got my spotlight battery cam installed on front porch. I have an overhead porch light (about 40W or so) and the camera is in a corner away from the porchlight, but still sees some light from it. I have determined that even with “lights ON with motion at night setting”, the spotlights will NOT come on with motion. One reason I opted for the spotlight cam vs. doorbell was to have that spotlight come on with motion as an extra deterrent. I talked with Ring support and they say this is operating correctly. I can understand that perhaps the photosensor thinks it is still daytime and therefore no light needed, but since the camera knows what time of day it is, it would seem Ring would have taken into consideration people use porch lights near a camera and the fact the clock says it is night, should override any “artificial” light and come on. I’m surprised there is no “workaround” to forcing the light to come on under these conditions and can’t imagine there aren’t millions of people that want their spotlights or floodlights to come on with motion even if they have porch lights in the area.
So please join me in supporting this suggestion as I understand Ring likes to see support of suggestions from multiple customers.

Hope someone can help or a moderator/admin tell me this will be made available soon!