Please add glass breaker sensor

Hooked up my echo Alexa for window glass breaker and it does not work as well as a real sensor, my brother has ADT and they have Glass breaker sensor that’s hooked up to their system and it works hundred percent with no problems, i’ve been asking for this item for the past six months and you guys haven’t made one and I am thinking about switching to ADT alarm company so please work on this important future because I live in the area where my house gets broken into a lot and glass breaking is one of the common way thieves get in

Hello @Samp ,

Add your vote to the existing “Feature Request” on this same topic. The more votes a request receives, the more likely the Ring Teams will notice and hopefully provide a solution.

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Agree its a key item missing from the Ring alarm range. Especially useful for a ‘double knock’.

Here it is!