Please add e-mail notifications

Just two days ago I finally set up my Ring Peephole camera, and it has worked perfectly so far with zero issues - minus one. I was advised to post here, but it appears that Ring is the only home security camera system that, for some reason, does NOT allow e-mail notifications for alerts. This is mind boggling, and I do not want to say that I am going to do this for sure, but we are discussing getting rid of it and trying something else due to this alone. We have a Nest camera inside (aging but still works, and we fully intended to replace it with a Ring indoor camera until now) that sends immediate e-mail alerts with a screenshot of the movement.

As someone who cannot have his phone on him while working, I am unable to see any push notifications to my phone at that time. I do have access to e-mail via computer, but that is the extent that my job allows. For Nest, that is perfect given the e-mail notifications, but Ring is missing this most basic of features.

I am sincerely hoping this is added because if not, I cannot recommend Ring and will not be purchasing any in the future until this is added.

I hope this was not too negative as I think the quality and setup is outstanding and vastly better than I ever thought it would be. I also do take partial blame as I did not research this prior to purchase as I (wrongly) assumed it was standard as it has been for all of the other companies.

Please, please add e-mail alerts!