Please add a snooze feature to temporarily disable motion LIGHTS at night

I understand this has been asked for repeatedly but I will ask again. I want the ability to temporarily disable motion lights at night. I want to be able to sit in my back patio in the dark to enjoy the outside without the lights coming on every time I move.

Modes is no help with this. I have learned I can disable motion zones for lights through a many step process but then have to remember to reverse that process when I am done outside. It’s easier to just unplug the camera and then to set an alarm to remind me to plug it back in again.

I want a simple one step process just like we have with alerts and then the system would automatically revert back to normal operating mode after some predestined period of time. Thanks.


I mocked this up,

Enhance “Snooze motion on all cameras” Mockup

Refer to this new feature request. This would allow you to snooze any combination of motion alerts, recording and/or lights. As with the existing “Motion Snooze” functionality, this could be applied to all devices or on a per-device basis. Let me know what you think.

This is a feature that should have been enabled by now. Every time I use pool at night I don’t need floodlight cams coming on when I move.

Please give us this feature asap!