Play Siren Alert on Alexa devices when Ring Alarms, and optionally door open chimes.

The Siren on the base station is quiet and difficult to hear, and the Dome siren is disappointing and not very “burglar alarm” like not worthy of a 3rd party additional purchase.
However in many homes there are multiple Alexa devices throughout the home and throughout different floors and rooms that already use Alexa Guard to guard the home in conjunction with Ring Alarm. They can be easily utilized to relay loud siren alarm alerts. Alexa devices should blare with loud burglar alarm sirens when Ring is triggered and optionally relay door open tones as well.

I also look forward to a louder native siren that is loud and has the same tone/pitch of competitor alarms (such as ADT) in addition to a native glass break detector instead of relying on Alexa Guard.


I like this idea as well. I have Alexa throughout the home, would be nice if they could help.