Play Alarm chirp tones through Chime or Chime Pro

Simple’s, add ability to output Chirps (the sounds made when a Door or Window opens in Disarmed mode) via the Ring Chime so its louder. Also why you’re there a toggle for the keypad. If you really want to be fancy, when the alarm goes off use the Chime for this too?

Personal Reasons:

I know some people hate Chirps but I personally love them.

As a single living in a 3 bed, it’s comforting to know i wont spontaneously get attacked in my living room because someone sneaked in the back door.

Issue is, the base station is in my cellar, and i often listen to loud music. For this reason I have the Ring Chime on its Loudest for the doorbell. But it seems silly to me I can’t select the Chime for Chirp and other outputs too.

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The Chime needs to work with other devices. It seems like a no brainer that the chime should broadcast the siren for the alarm. It also could play noises for other notifications

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Hi neighbors, I wanted to chime in and let you know that if you have an Amazon Echo device, you can play the chirps and sirens from your Ring Alarm system through your Amazon Echo devices. You can read more about this feature in our Help Center Article here . Thank you for your continued feedback! :slight_smile:

I agree with the suggestion. Ring chime deserves to be integrated with any ring devices, including ring alarm contact sensors.

This is not a solution, Ring is purposely MAKING everyone use an echo device to accomplish the same task. Shame on Amazon and shame on Ring for forcing this on everyone.

@Caitlyn_Ring please remove this as a solution. This is not a solve, this is a suggestion to be additional products not maximize basic functionality through existing products.

The team should put the dev work in to add missed functionality on existing products.

Hi neighbors. In the Feature Request board, we will mark a reply as the solution if it contains important or useful information, or if there is a completed feature for the request. This allows other neighbors to easily view any relevant information, whether or not there is a completed feature for the request.