Plans money confusing

Can anyone explain to me please I currently have a basic plan video doorbell £34.99 runs out next march I have got a 2nd gen security camera today in the winter sale I know I need to upgrade to the plus plan if I do upgrade I will do monthly what will happen to the rest of the £34.99 I paid do I get some of it back ?
or do I cancel start again ?

Hi @user71739. It would be cheaper to subscribe to another Basic Plan since you are just adding a second Camera. Once you get to adding a third Camera, that’s when you should upgrade to the Plus Plan.

Hello. With the recent announcement that the basic video plan will be increasing in price from 11th March 2024, it could now be cheaper for you to upgrade to the Protect Plus. The specifics in your actual case would depend exactly when the renewal for your first device happens, if your renewal happens prior to 11th March, you will still be on the existing price. As to your question on what happens if you do upgrade, you will get a partial refund automatically if it applies.

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