Plan Renewal

My protection plan has just renewed, I’m a little miffed that I didn’t receive an E-mail or any advance warning that the renewal was due, the payment just appeared in my bank. Not over enamoured with companies that don’t send E-mails, think it’s just a sneaky way of not giving the opportunity to cancel the plan.

It’s now in my Google calendar as a recurring reminder.

Thanks for the above info, very helpful. I will be popping a reminder in my calendar too.

Very sneaky of Ring to do that. I thought all recurring payments required a reminder by law, I will be checking that out!

remove your payment method from your profile then they will let you know. Never leave your credit card info “on file” with any web based company. With the current price extorsion I am rethinking renewal. It is price gouging pure and simple, nothing else needs said