Plan question

I currently have the protect plus plan. My alarm recently went off because I forgot to turn off the alarm before I entered my home. So I went ahead and turned my AWAY mode off via the keypad and it took me around 10 to 15 seconds to do so. My question is why did I not recieve a call from the ring team ? I only got an email and push notifications that my alam went off. Is there a certain time the ring team waits to call me when the alarm goes off ? I thought it was automatic since I have the protect plus plan. Please let me know. Thank You.

Hey @IS1991. The alarm will need to siren for 30 seconds or more before the call will come in from our monitoring team. Since you disarmed it before this 30 seconds, this is why you did not receive the call! In the event the alarm goes past 30 seconds of actually sirening, you should get this call.