Plan killed without notice

I have used Ring for years, mostly very satisfied until today. :rage:
To my surprise, I have tried to review the video of a camera notification and only then I found out my subscription was ended. No warning on the app, no email notification, nothing! I could be away and the house robbed, and I would not have any video.
To add insult to injury, I chatted with support this morning and instead of accepting feedback to rectify the problem, I was told that they have actually sent email notifications!!! All other notifications, codes etc. reached my inbox without issues, only the expiration notifications were missing? What about using the app for notification? All I got was an offer to help update my credit card and give more money to Ring.
It may sound minor, but this shows absolute lack of respect or empathy for customers. If it were not for the cost of buying new cameras, I would switch to Nest or some other supplier.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbour. I can assure you we intend for a much better experience. Our support team is trained to be solution driven, but also receptive and informative.
We always value our neighbours’ feedback, and I will certainly share this with the appropriate teams for consideration.

In most cases, a subscription plan will automatically renew. In the case that it does not, and email should have been sent to alert of this. Thank you for the feedback on this process. We’ve created a feature request board for the Community to share their requests like these, as well. Here, other neighbours can share feedback and interest, in an organized way, in which we routinely share with our teams here.

If you are needing to update account or Protect Plan information, here is our help centre article as a guide. Feel free to reach out with any further questions, as we are always happy to help.