Plan is not working with doorbell

I have recently subscribed to the basic plan in the hope that I could rewatch footage. After paying for this I am still being told that the doorbells subscription has expired. But when looking at current plans the doorbell is listed under the plan!

I am confused

Sorry for the confusion, @Andy2409! When not subscribed to a Protect Plan, nothing is stored or saved. We value our neighbors safety and privacy, thus Protect Plan subscriptions are optional and no videos are saved to an account that is not subscribed. This is the case for a free trial period ending, subscription lapsing, or subscription being cancelled for any reason. Videos are not saved without subscription, and are deleted when an active subscription is cancelled.

As a best practice, we recommend saving any important videos by downloading them, as videos are also automatically deleted after a certain timeframe (when subscribed). I hope this helps! :slight_smile: