Pin, Touch or Face ID for Ring App

What needs to occur for this request to be implemented?

Add passcode/biometric lock access to the ring app to prevent unwanted access to security system and to securely arm/disarm the security system.

Couldn’t agree more!! Need this!!!

I second this, would be nice to require a pin/face/fingerprint biometric to access the app incase of lost mobile device.

Why can’t the app use face ID instead of two-step verification? Every single bank app that controls thousands of dollars worth of my money uses one time verification and then face ID from then on. It is frustrating to have to enter a code every single time I want to look at my app.

The 2FA is only needed if you log out of the app. You should not have to do that every time you open the app . . . unless you log out of the app. Also, in the app you can see which devices are logged in, and you can force log them out. I think what Ring has is a pretty good system. 2FA new connections, and lets you monitor them. But quick access for already logged in devices.

100% agree. This should be a simple app implementation/addition by Ring.

The app should have Face ID every time u pull up the app on the iPhone. After login in. the app should have a setting, to turn Face ID on or not, and if the iPhone users do, the next time They pull up the app, iOS will throw a pop up: allow the app to use Face ID or not… the app is part of the security system and should have good security ,

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Agreed. Hey RING is this just so hard to do?

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The app needs a configurable setting that logs the user out after a specified number of minutes.
I can’t think of any other app involved with security that doesn’t do this.

Face ID/Touch ID should be allowed for easy login, with or without the need to enter a two step verification code.

Can someone from Ring Product Management please respond to this thread and explain why this feature has not been implemented in the last 3 years? Pretty much every app now that has the least bit of a security risk is protected by Face ID (e.g. bank accounts, home automation, cloud storage, etc.). That is every app except Ring. If someone gets ahold of my phone, they can open Ring, see my address, and unlock my doors – that is the ultimate security risk!

I do not understand why this is such an issue. What does it take to simply offer the option of a passcode or face id. Get with the program RING!!!

I agree. Why does the ring app not allow login by Face ID?
All my other secure apps like bank apps allow this. It also obviates the need for me to laboriously type in my email etc to log in in order to respond to a doorbell ring.
People have been requesting this for 3 years. Get Real Ring and support you customers needs ASAP

Please prioritize this feature ASAP. As a new Ring Alarm user this is a dealbreaker and flagrant security risk. Honestly shocked this has been such a longstanding request without being taken seriously.

Just setup Ring Alarm, and I have a few iPads with Home Kit and was shock to notice that there’s no way to setup a pin in order to disarm the alarm on the app. Since the iPads are used for home automation and media control, setting up FaceID or Pin its not practical. Please provide us a way to use a pin in order to disarm the Alarm through the app.