Pin, Touch or Face ID for Ring App

Having used another alarm system previous to Ring, the App required either a Pin, touch or Face ID before it logged you in. I found that gave an added layer of security in case my phone got stolen.

With Ring, if someone snatched my phone whilst unlocked as I would be on the phone for example, they could go into the Ring app, see my address and disarm my alarm.

By having the extra security on the app, at least I know my alarm can’t be disarmed.

Please add this feature in. I’m sure it’s not too difficult. People can then choose to use it or not at their own discretion.

Hello @saleem85 , I understand your concern for extra security. But you should already feel very secure with the Ring App.

If you are referring to “Arming or Disarming the Alarm” using your home Keypad, that already requires a PIN. No worries about giving you code to others to use, because you can already set up or remove a “Guest code” (different code) for them to use, without giving out your code.

If you are referring to “Disarm, Home, Away” Alarm Modes or other settings in the Alarm through an App, many of us feel the Two-Step-Verification (2SV), which requires entering a code from Ring, is already a sufficient authentication method that you already had to use to initially get into your Ring App.

If you are concerned that someone just might pick up and then use your mobile smart-phone (or portable Tablet), to arm/disarm/modify your Ring App settings, you can either:

-1. Consider using the lock-screen feature that already exists on your mobile phone (time-out or via a single phone button-push). So, only you can reopen your phone (either by your mobile phone code, or fingerprint, and some phones can use facial-recognition). In addition to your Ring App (that you already had to use the 2SV to initially get into your Ring App), you probably have many things currently on your phone that you don’t want others to access if you leave your phone unattended. **Using the mobile phone’s existing “Lock-out” feature IS a very good security practice. ** You can set your mobile phone to lock quickly or delay for a certain amount of time-passage, and also lock with a single push lock it immediately. Unless you use a very long time period setting, it is very unlikely a thief could steal your phone while it is unlocked, and quickly get into it ( before it locks) to get your Ring information (in addition to all your other sensitive information on your phone). If you are worried about this, then set a shorter time-period for your phone to lock quicker. Most phones also have the ability to wipe & lock remotely.

-2. Or you can simply log-off your phone’s Ring app after use. Then you’ll have to repeat the Two-Step-Verification 2SV again to gain access to your phone Ring App.

If you are controlling your Ring alarm system on your PC through the website, and concerned someone might access your PC while you are away, simply close that web-page on your browser (you don’t even have to log-out). Then you will need to repeat the 2SV to get back in.

If you are concerned about the available PC Ring App (not the same as using your PC at the website), those PC Apps are designed for primarily viewing your Ring cameras, and have limited menu-options, and do not provide a way to arm, or disarm, or change important settings of your alarm system.

@saleem85 If you still feel you want an additional fingerprint/Pin option in your app, hopefully Ring should then additionally provide the selectable option to “opt-out” of this. There are many people that feel the 2SV is more than sufficient, and would not want any additional delays getting to their Ring App. This is especially true when trying to answer a Ring Video Doorbell or viewing a Ring Security Camera quickly. Adding an additional extra layer of security could be considered way too excessive to them.

I hope this information makes you feel that the App is already very secure.

I never thought I needed this feature until recently. I have my home door lock connected to ring alarm and I can lock or unlock the door lock from ring app. I let my godson play with my phone the other day and I found out he unlocked the door from the app. He’s only 7 years old and I cannot blame him. It would be useful to have an option to add security security feature such as finger print or face ID to open the app.


Yes pretty dangerous that Ring hasn’t implemented this. Basically Ring makes your house less secure. Now if my phone is stolen people are able to disarm and unlock my house and I don’t even have the option to add this security

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I also agree, they should add extra security on the app it self, don’t rely on the mobile makers, things can happen between security updates that makes your phone vulnerable, so Ring shouldn’t assume that the mobile maker is 100% secure.

Ring should definitely add a pin or faceid/ fingerprint feature on the App. Please think about the customers concerns rather assuming what the mobile maker may or may not have.

I was looking for a way to add a pin and l looked all over the app and couldn’t find it. I asked google if Ring had a pin access code for the app its self and it brought me to this page.

I only have a Ring doorbell pro and i am still concerned that this app doesn’t have a pin. Many apps have extra security like asking for face id, fingerprint or pin code. Banks require you to log in via face id etc.

Ring support please reconsider and ad that extra security for your customer.

Thank you
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Two-step verification is not at all convenient. Touch/faceID is evidently a very secure solution.
In 2022 I don’t even understand why any app does not offer this option !
For an alarm system, it must not be an option, it has to become mandatory !

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Could not agree with 1un more, Mandatory!!

Agree. I have an always-on tablet as an easy control center of my smart home devices and without the additional PIN people can just arm/disarm without any password. Would like to have the ability to input PIN/Biometric before having full access to the ring app.

I would like the option to require a passcode and/or face ID when using the app to disarm the system.

Currently, there is no option for added security when disarming the system through the app. The assumption is that the phone is secure.


I agree. Providing a second layer of authentication for security purposes would be helpful. This is very similar to banking or other critical apps on your phone.

It’s important for developers to remember just because you initially unlock your phone with a PIN or Face ID, your phone can be stolen from your hands, or mistakenly left behind unlocked.

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I would like to see access to the ring app secured with a simple option to add a PIN code. Facial recognition, or fingerprint access, could also be considered.

I work in a secure establishment and see crime reports on a regular basis, and have seen robbery reports where the offender will ask the victim for the PIN or access code of a stolen phone (and check it works while they have the victim at knife point). If a criminal does this and finds the ring app they then have both your home address (which appears on the very first page of the app!) and instant access to disarm your home security until you are able to get onto a PC and start removing authorised devices. This also applies in less dramatic scenarios where a phone might simply be left unlocked in a public space and picked up - a scenario like this may potentially even be worse because it might not be realised that the phone has been taken until later.

Accidents happen with even the most vigilant, and I feel the addition of a simple PIN to access the App would help to alleviate this concern.

I’ve seen a couple other folks post this request, with the lame answer that they “want the customer to feel at home” and “not have to log in and out every time they use the app.” At least give the OPTION to PIN-protect the app. My home address is right there on the dashboard of the app! If, for whatever reason, the customer can’t PIN-protect the phone, then someone with the phone not only has the ability to control the system through the app but also has the home address. What kind of security is that?

I have the same request. Too easy to activate a mode change “alarm” on app accidentally.

It needs to be an option. Some may not want it.

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Agree. If you are forced to disarm the alarm from your app you won’t have the option to use the duress code which would immediately alert police. Really need to have the option of requiring the passcode to change alarm mode.

I’d settle for fingerprint or facial recognition login in the app rather than pin or option to chose which one.


Absolutely, need biometric / passcode to unlock.
viewing personal details MUST NEVER be on view for all to view and must only be viewable once re-authenticated.

It’s too easy for anyone to have full control of the Ring alarm and all features if they open the Ring app

Just like online banking apps require a Finger Print or Pin code to enter, so should the Ring App

I think you don’t understand how phones or cyber security works.

In tech single points of failure are things you avoid, layer or hedge against.

If the world was also utopian as you claim the banks would not force further layers of security even if you’re already logged into the phone

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I agree with the suggestion, but in the meantime I have found a workaround on my Samsung phone - and hopefully it will be available to many of the other people here.

I have a pre-installed app/feature on my phone called Secure Folder. I installed the ring app in that folder, uninstalled it from the main app drawer, and added a shortcut to the new installation of the ring app on my home screen. Now, my phone requires re-authentication (e.g. by fingerprint) whenever I try to open ring.

(Perhaps those without Secure Folder might be able to find a third-party app that does the same thing - if you trust the developer.)

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