Phone will not connect to Chime Pro 2

Ordered 2 Chime Pro 2’s on the internet
Sent them back. Got 1 new one on the internet
Bought 1 from a high street retailer

None of them will connect. Looking online, everyone is complaining about it not connecting to their wifi.
None of the devices I have, seem to even put out a signal i.e:

During setup, when the light is flashing green.
I press continue on my phone

On android it just doesn’t find the device (tried 2 different phones)
On iPhone if I entered the code manually it won’t find the device
On iPhone if I scanned the QR code, it prompts me to connect to the setup network - then fails. - This always happens, even if the device isn’t plugged in, it will show me the name of the network its looking for, showing that the name is coming from the QR code, not the device.

On iPhone if I scanned the QR code, after a few tries to connect it tells me to goto the wifi settings and connect to the setup network manually.

Setup network doesn’t exist.
Can’t be seen on either android device
Can’t be seen on the iPhone
If I use wifi analyzer on my android no named networks appear but 2 hidden networks appear when I plug a chime in. But neither match the mac address on the box

Tried various combinations of calling support and holding the reset button.
After support runs through their script they just tell you to get a replacement.

What really gets to me is when support ask dumb questions, like how far is the device from the router, when my phone can’t even connect to the device in the first place.
Overall this has been an absolutely trash experience.

On my iPhone, turning on “Local Network” for the Ring app in settings did the trick.

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This is what is happening to me also as I had purchased the same item and it just doesnt stop flashing the green light and not connected to internet.

Hi @user1620. What type of phone are you using? You may need to turn off your Wi-Fi assist settings to ensure that you phone is able to connect. If the above mentioned techniques don’t improve your ability to connect to your Chime, you’ll need to reach out to our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.