Phone Ring app. controled garage door opener

I would like Ring to have a phone app. controlled garage door opener (with a indoor camera, speaker and a siren). I would like to get alerts if the garage door is open, Opening, or closed. If it was left open when I am at work, I could get an alerts If It was opened I could use the app to close the door. If I was having something delivered, I could open the door via the app, for the delivery, then close it. My garage door can not be seen from the house so I have to go outside to check it.
I once had $2k worth of tools stolen and did not know anything happened for a few days. Maybe, if I could have seen it happening I could have scared them away if it had a voice speaker or an siren that could be controlled by the app. or at least had it recorded.
Thanks Denny

You should consider a MyQ garage controller. I have one (liftmaster) and it works with my chamberlain garage opener. It integrates into the ring app to allow you to control the garage door from the app. I have a floodlight cam above the garage entrance so I can see what is happening and even get alerts or talk to whoever is there. It’s not exactly what you are asking for but pretty close.