Pet Tags - Reuniting Pets with their families!

Pet Tags with an option for pet name, phone numers, the word microchipped as well as the QR code on it. Not everybody knows how to scan QR code or the code could wear off and not scan at all and that would be devistating to the owner. It would be nice to have 1 tag with all your info & QR code instead of a bunch of tags on your pets collar. Also, a pet tag that threads through the collar. Options for personalizing tags such as different colors, materials like stainless steel as they last a long time. Different shapes like heart, bone, etc.

Maybe, a ring app that allows the owner to set up multiple geo fences and once the pet(s) leaves the geo fence that you set up, your phone automatically gets an alert. Part of that app would feature an option to find your pet in your home or on your property without alerting the whole community with a lost dog alert. The pet tag would require a small battery you could change out (your phone app will tell you when the battery is low) that would pair with the ring app. It would consist of a small battery encased in plasic with a stainless steel plate ontop that can be deeply engraved with pets name and a phone number as well as have the QR code on it or just a charm added onto a pre-exsisting pet tag. I would love to product test this device if you ever make it. Lets keep our dogs safe.

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