Personalized advertising opt-out / privacy

In a January 18, 2020, offical Ring blog post, there is the following statement:

New Tools to Manage Third-Party Service Providers […]

  • Opting Out of Personalized Advertising: You can now opt out of sharing your information with third-party service providers for the purpose of receiving personalized ads. […] beginning this week we will provide you with a choice to opt out in Control Center.

I can find no such option in the Control Center, including in the Ring iOS app version 5.22.5 released yesterday. Can you please provide step-by-step instructions to opt-out?

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Hi @M11. The feature that you are looking for is something that we finished releasing today! To locate this feature, please go into your Ring app and open the main menu. From there, tap on Control Center and scroll down to the bottom to select Third Party Service Providers. From here you can turn off personalized advertising. If you do not see this section, please remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the app. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

looked on my app and it not on it yet, when will it be on the uk app please

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@UK-Pete have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your Ring app?

Done the app like you said and still not see this Third Party Service Providers in the Control Centre, I got 1, Two-Factor Authentication, 2, Authorized Client Devices, 3, Shared Users, 4, Linked Account. Thats it.


@UK-Pete What is the app version for the most recent one that you installed? Additionally, what iOS software version are you running right now?

ios is 13.3.1 Ring is 5.22.5

Thanks for getting that back to me, @UK-Pete. One more thing, if you can, could you please take a screenshot of what the Control Center looks like in your app? This will be very helpful for me to pass onto the appropriate team.


Screenshots are very much appreciated! @UK-Pete Just one last question, for clarification, when you are on the Control Center section, are you able to scroll down at all? After Linked Accounts you should see a section for Community Control and/or Privacy Information, and I just want to ensure if that is there for you or if there is nowhere to scroll down to and you’re limited to what’s in the first attached screenshot.

No that all I get

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I’m having exactly the same issue, no way at all to opt-out. I’m using the latest version of the app from the Appstore. Also, this capability should exisit when logged into the website. Please don’t make this any more difficult than necessary.

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I have the same issue no access to opt-out privacy I am based in the UK as well

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Hey neighbors! After touching base with my team, I have been informed that this feature in the Control Center is still in a slow rollout and will be available soon. Please make sure to keep your Ring app updated, and this feature will soon be available globally as well. Thank you for your patience in the meantime! :slight_smile:

Additionally, the Control Center is not available on the desktop website for at this time, but I will make sure to pass on this concern to the appropriate team.