“People Only Mode” - Ring got it backwards!

So about a year or so ago I made a post about how I wished ring would set separate sensitive levels for motion recording and motion alerts. I would prefer to have ALL motion recorded but not receive alerts except for only certain motion. Next thing I know, they come out with “People Only Mode”. This was essentially a less customizable version of what I was wanting. Anywho, I noticed that they have fallen WAY short on this feature and I honestly can’t understand their logic. If you have a plug in device, POM changes your record and alert settings to “people only”. If you have a battery powered device, they let you keep your motion sensitivity however you like, but it only alerts you for people only. It seems people with plug in devices are most likely the ones who would exploit this feature since they aren’t concerned with battery life and therefore don’t care how often their camera records, but want it to alert for only people. Does anyone have a clue why they designed it this way?

Hi @ClemsonSCJ. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding this feature with the Community! People Only Mode is designed to help refine the number of motion alerts you receive and is a great option if you’re receiving too many motion alerts. You can check out our Help Center Article on People Only mode here to read more.