“People Only Mode” - Ring got it backwards!

So about a year or so ago I made a post about how I wished ring would set separate sensitive levels for motion recording and motion alerts. I would prefer to have ALL motion recorded but not receive alerts except for only certain motion. Next thing I know, they come out with “People Only Mode”. This was essentially a less customizable version of what I was wanting. Anywho, I noticed that they have fallen WAY short on this feature and I honestly can’t understand their logic. If you have a plug in device, POM changes your record and alert settings to “people only”. If you have a battery powered device, they let you keep your motion sensitivity however you like, but it only alerts you for people only. It seems people with plug in devices are most likely the ones who would exploit this feature since they aren’t concerned with battery life and therefore don’t care how often their camera records, but want it to alert for only people. Does anyone have a clue why they designed it this way?


Hi @ClemsonSCJ. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding this feature with the Community! People Only Mode is designed to help refine the number of motion alerts you receive and is a great option if you’re receiving too many motion alerts. You can check out our Help Center Article on People Only mode here to read more.

the people mode shoud be free at no cost forever not 3.00/mo at all


Caitlyn_Ring Thanks for your reply, I believe I have the same request as the original poster.

What is the process we go through for suggesting new feature/feature enhancements.

People only mode is partially great if you were wired (and assume battery operated devices love it lol)
Are use ring spotlight cameras that are fully wired and I would love to record all events but only be notified if it detects a person.
As it is a wired device it like to be able to record vehicles the drive-by or pull into the driveway I case there are suspicious issues. But if someone walks up to the house I would love to be notified.

Don’t think there’s a way to do both but yes I’m asking for my cake and eating it too lol


Hi @Mrlogboy. I’d recommend posting your suggestions for the People Only Mode in the Feature Request board. Feel free to add this suggestion and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

People Only Mode has disappeared with the latest update. Please re-instate it.

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Hi @happyuser. People Only Mode hasn’t been removed, you should still have options to refine your alerts in the Ring App. From our Help Center Article on People Only Mode here, it’s noted: Beginning April 2021, People Only Mode is changing. Through the Smart Alerts option in your Ring app, you’ll see motion settings for Person Detected and Other Motion, which will help you refine your notifications. This feature will be rolled out incrementally, over time to all Ring app users.

To check if you have Smart Alerts as a feature, tap the three lines on the top left in the Ring app. Tap the device that you want to view. Under the image of the device, you’ll see a tile called Smart Alerts. If you don’t have the feature yet, you can find People Only Mode under Motion Settings. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

It’s not there any more. I’m in Canada.

This is what I’m seeing now - doorbell and floodlights:


People only mode is a useful addition. In my case the results are highly variable. I have 5 ring cams and two door bells. My front door bell is a ring video doorbell 2. It reports every turn of my lawn sprinkler as a person, and often sees my robot mower as a person. But if someone approaches the front door directly, it does not report a person. I also have a camera on my boat jetty, which often sees a goose as a person. Still some work to be done on the AI front! I hope that’s sorted out, because the possibility to record all motion but only notify on people is a really useful addition.


I completely agree. Ring has a lot of work to do to make this feature truly functional. It appears to be backwards with my Ring- it will not alert me of a person detected when we use the door or a mail carrier comes to deliver. However, our dogs are detected as people and the spider that climbs up our screened in door at 3am triggers the person detected almost every night. I am ready to turn off the feature for now since my husband works some nights and it has made me jump out of my skin more than once when I see that alert. Great idea, but poorly executed.

My camera detects me when I walk out of the house my camera did not detect 2 men working on my deck for 3 days. Ring never alerted me. Another day two guys picked up wood. No alert. All the action was in the cameras area. Please explain that to me.

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People only mode only detects me leaving the front door and fails to notify of or capture delivery drivers and others. Tried turning off people mode but no help. Please let me know how to fix, Ring.

@ClemsonSCJ My dog is always a person of interest with the “People Only Mode”.

I enabled People Only Mode and actually get MORE alerts! Now I get alerts for joggers and kids walking by. I have motion zones defined, but still get motion detection every time a car passes by on the street as well. It’s a useful feature, but does seem to miss the mark in some respects.