People only mode not working on floodlight Cam

I have installed a floodlight cam 6 weeks ago and I am having issues so hope someone can help. I have spent in excess of 6hours on the phone to support( it sure that’s what it is). I have tried all the things they said including fitting a new camera they sent last week. My issue is my camera only ever picks up motion and never displays person detected in the timeline. It used to but now it picks up cats all the the time and does not pic me up as a person. Has anyone else had this issue and got a fix.

Hi @ColinC. We have a thread regarding People Only Mode where you might be able to find some helpful suggestions from other neighbors and members of our team. You can check out the conversation in the thread here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have already looked through this thread. All it says is that the wired devices don’t seem to work and it is a software issue on your part