PC and Mobile App Feature Requests

Ring App Feature Requests

  1. On the PC App, have the same sort of preview mode like the phone app, where we can scroll through the time-line, rather than click on each motion video. Why is this not available on the PC app?

  2. I don’t see the still images on the PC app, only on the phone app - add these to the PC app, please

  3. Please, please, add the option to start ALL videos in mute! Another post mentioned the wife will check the videos late at night and it wakes her husband. I agree and if I’m looking at these videos while in public or at work, I’d like them to be muted. I don’t want to mess with my media volume - as that affects other apps that I want to stay at that sound level. What’s wrong with a mute option?! Please??? Mute should be available to set as default, then toggle sound on for a video as desired, then default back to mute the next time I review a video.



Many people work in facilities where you can’t use a cell phone or don’t get a signal. In the meantime they’re not getting alerts. Please add an email email alert option!

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