Pathway lighting and hard-wired “smart” bulbs go offline every 2-3 days, no permanent fix for this yet?

It appears at least twice a week my pathway lights and hard-wired smart bulbs go offline and become unresponsive to light schedules or manual on-off commands in the Ring app. It is extremely frustrating coming home from work and the entire house is dark in the evening. Resetting the Ring Alarm Pro base station appears to be a temporary fix but has to be done twice a week. This is unacceptable. Multiple calls with multiple tier customer support with no solutions. Replaced base station as last effort but still unresolved. Why is the bridge going offline? Can the lighting be switched to an independent bridge instead of using the one built into the Ring Alarm Pro base station? Anyone else having this issue? Been going on for at least a month.

Hi @user36866. What is the approximate distance between your Ring Smart Lights and the Alarm Pro Base Station? You do have the option of using a Ring Bridge or a compatible Echo device as a bridge for your Ring Smart Lighting devices as well. Since you have been working with our support team on this already, you may need to follow up with support, as the Ring Community is intended for general troubleshooting assistance.

The distance between the ring alarm pro base station and the smart lighting varies. The closest distance would be a couple feet, the longest distance would be approximately 40 feet. How can I switch these lights to an independent bridge instead of the built in bridge included in the base station?

@user36866 Completing a new setup of your Smart Lighting devices under Set Up a Device will allow you to choose a different Bridge. If you’re going to use a Ring Bridge, ensure the Bridge is already set up before doing this. To use a compatible Echo device as a Bridge, you will need to link your Ring account to your Amazon account first. If this connectivity concern persists, I would recommend following up with our support team to let them know this is still happening. It may require more advanced troubleshooting to find a solution.