Pathlights (solar and battery) suddenly turning on during day

I’ve had my Pathlights now for a year and they were working just fine with all my lighting schedules (solar versions). But a month or two ago, all my Pathlights, both solar and battery versions, started turning on during the day due to motion detection.

For the Solar’s, I’ve deleted and recreated the Dusk to Dawn lighting schedule, but the issue persists. Now all my effected Pathlights have drained batteries within a 24 hour period (solar) or within several days (battery), requiring that I manually charge the Solar versions via USB cable.

Any help to resolve this would be most appreciated!

Hi @Augster. I would recommend double-checking the Light Sensor Threshold for each of your Pathlights to make sure it is set low. This setting is found in the Light Settings of your Pathlights. I would also recommend checking to make sure you do not have any Linked Devices set to your Pathlights; that would cause them to turn on during the day. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

I had already checked them all and they were set to low. I did that a year ago when I got these to ensure they didn’t drain the batteries faster.

As an experiment, I disabled Motion Detection on all Pathlights, then after a week of no problems, I started enabling Motion Detection on a small group of Pathlights at a time, until I came across the next issue.

What I 'm beginning to suspect is that at least 3 of my solar Pathlights that have Motion Detection turned ON perhaps their sensors are failing and are seemingly detecting motion constantly, as a couple nights ago I noticed all my the Pathlights were full bright on at night and would not dim no matter how much time elapsed (I’ve set them to dim as soon as possible). I manually turned the light group off, but within minute or sooner, all lights turned full bright once again. I tried disabling motion detection on these 3 suspect Pathlights but the Ring app responded that these lights were offline, even though they were apparently responding to the Ring app in regards to turning lights on and off on demand. I took out the batteries of all 3 suspect Pathlights and the rest seem to be behaving as expected.