Pathlights not working

Reaching this company when your product is defective is the most frustrating thing ever! I bought Ring Solar Path Lights and they stopped working after 4 months. Trying return them puts you into loops. I have spent more than an hour on this. I will never buy a Ring product again. Not worth it. Go to Home Depot or Lowes snd buy a similar product with sm easy return process!

Sure. I’d like to see you take something back to HomeDepot or Lowes after 4 months and see how easy it is.

good luck!

Are they covered by trees and maybe not getting enough light? Maybe try turning them off and charging them in an area that gets lots of light for a day or two and try to use them again.

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Hi @geb810. Are your Pathlights showing offline, or are the lights not turning on? If you share some details on exactly what’s going on with your Solar Pathlights, I’d be happy to try and offer any helpful troubleshooting tips or tricks that may help. :slight_smile: