Pathlights not responding to schedules

Hi, I have several ring products installed here in the UK on a ring protect plan. A friend recently sent me a Solar path light starter set from the US.Although we don’t officially have this product yet here,I have found the Bridge and App set up and work here. I find the lights respond to motion, they can be turned on and off via the App, They also can link to other Ring products fine. BUT unfortunately I can not get them to switch on either with using the Dusk till Dawn feature, or with any of the lighting schedules. Can anyone give me any advice as to what I’m doing wrong ? Thanks.

Hi there, @Phil10! We advise only using region specific Ring devices for your home. Our devices are designed with operational safety, security, and compliance variables for each region they are available in. For this reason, a device intended to function in the US, should not be used in the UK. Check out the product page for your region to see what devices are available. :slight_smile: