Pathlights lost connection to bridge

I set up 3 pathlights that connected to my bridge and I placed them outside. After maybe 5 minutes or so, they lost connection and I am unable to get them to connect back. The idiotic app claims the pathlights have low battery but they were all fully charged before they lost connection. Anyone have tips for getting the connection to the bridge restored?

Hi @bufkus! Was this a first time setup? It is possible that the batteries were not fully charged even though they read as so. Although, the app is showing low battery, in most cases falling offline is due to Bridge and network connection variables.

After double checking the battery charge, please reconnect and allow them to remain connected while close to the Bridge for several moments. After confirming that they are not falling offline inside your home, please relocate them to your desired location on your property. If they disconnect again, this will be a good indicator that the Bridge will need to be closer to your Smart Lights. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I have now 3 dead batteries on mine, getting replacements as I type this.

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