Pathlight motion no longer increasing brightness when Light Schedule is enabled

I have been using my ring solar pathlights for 2 years now. I have always had them on a light schedule so they turn on at night in the dim light level. In the past, when motion was detected the brightness would increase until the motion timed out and then they would return to the dimmed light.

Starting on 08/01, this behavior has changed. If a light schedule is configured and enabled, this increase in brightness is not working anymore.

The only way that I have been able to work around this issue is to go in each day and disable and re-enable the light schedule for all 10 pathlights. Since this needs to be done on each light, it takes a couple of minutes to do. I’ve tried deleting the schedules and re-setting up, but that didn’t help.

Has anyone else noticed this change in behavior?


@PeteGolian also having the same issue starting on 08.01.

The pathway lights detect motion but will not increase brightness. Tried new groupings, resetting the lights and far but only daily fix is disable + reenable of the schedule.

Yes, same problem. Only happens on the solar path lights. I have a battery powered path light in the same group and it will trigger all the other lights in the group to go full bright when motion is detected. It seems that there was a software bug introduced on the solar lights. Needs to be fixed Ring engineering! Has been working for years with no issues until recently.

Yes…I noticed the pathway lights don’t get brighter when motion is detected…

I have the same issue. I tried turning off the schedule and turning it back on and that didn’t even work for mine.

I have the same issue. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

Same issue here. Have to disable the light schedule and re-enable for the motion to make the lights brighter.

I have a motion sensor that is along my driveway about 20 feet before the lights to trigger them before I get there. Tonight the motion sensor is going nuts sensing movement every 3-5 minutes that isn’t there. One of the occurrences triggered the lights to go brighter. I used to love these products, but now they have a mind of their own and have become a nuisance.

I called ring to speak with them about this and spoke with Gracel (whom was very nice) but am frustrated with the response.

The response I got was it was not a normal function for the path lights to brighten during motion events on schedules and that they should only remain low lumen level during schedules.

Auto brighten is only for when light schedules are not active.

I am beyond disappointed given that brightness during schedules is not controllable and now motion during schedules does not activate the lights.

The path lights have the potential to be an excellent product but are crippled by native software functionality.

That is disappointing to hear from support since its been a feature of the light since I originally purchased two years ago.

Extremely, especially since I rely on the feature to see where I’m walking towards before the lights brighten.

That level of tech support is worthless. They do not know the product and are simply reading off a script. You need to ask for a higher level tech support… if they even have them available to take calls.
I’m betting that a firmware update changed the way these lights work and the firmware needs fixed.

I have been working on why this is happening for 3 days, glad I found this thread. This for sure needs to be fixed ASAP

I got a set of pathlights and charged them overnight Thursday and put them outside Friday morning. The lights were working great and kept coming on overnight after they were scheduled to turn off at 1 am. But tonight the lights stayed dimly lit when motion was detected until I found this thread and turned the schedules off and back on. I was going to buy some more lights for my backyard but holding off until I find out whether or not this is a bug.

Same problem here. I noticed my path light group was no longer illuminating with motion sensing. I could not figure out what the hell happened since they have worked flawlessly for over 1 year .

Glad to find this thread and that I’m not alone. And more importantly that I’m not going crazy!

Ring please fix this asap. This is really stupid that it was working fine and then just stopped working. Roll back the update and give the capability back to the path lights!

Well, I contacted Ring via DM on Twitter. Did not get a solution and was directed to call their 800 phone number for additional assistance. At least they did not claim this feature is no longer supported. I’ll try calling tomorrow if my schedule permits.

To anyone experiencing this issue, could you check your firmware version to see if its the same as mine? Firmware is available in the path light setting’s under Device Health.

Mine is reporting: Firmware Version 1.8.14-32

I am reporting 1.8.51-3 for the bridge and 1.8.14-32 for the path lights.

I have had this same issue. Contacted ring CS and they had no idea what they were talking about. I did get them to escalate my problem though. Whether or not they actually did I have no idea.

I really wanted to buy more of these but no way they aren’t going to work as intended.

Hi neighbors. Since the Ring Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor forum, the support team does not monitor this forum directly. To have this concern looked into further, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.