Pathlight motion no longer increasing brightness when Light Schedule is enabled

I have been using my ring solar pathlights for 2 years now. I have always had them on a light schedule so they turn on at night in the dim light level. In the past, when motion was detected the brightness would increase until the motion timed out and then they would return to the dimmed light.

Starting on 08/01, this behavior has changed. If a light schedule is configured and enabled, this increase in brightness is not working anymore.

The only way that I have been able to work around this issue is to go in each day and disable and re-enable the light schedule for all 10 pathlights. Since this needs to be done on each light, it takes a couple of minutes to do. I’ve tried deleting the schedules and re-setting up, but that didn’t help.

Has anyone else noticed this change in behavior?

@PeteGolian also having the same issue starting on 08.01.

The pathway lights detect motion but will not increase brightness. Tried new groupings, resetting the lights and far but only daily fix is disable + reenable of the schedule.

Yes, same problem. Only happens on the solar path lights. I have a battery powered path light in the same group and it will trigger all the other lights in the group to go full bright when motion is detected. It seems that there was a software bug introduced on the solar lights. Needs to be fixed Ring engineering! Has been working for years with no issues until recently.