Pathlight Dusk to Dawn without Light Sensor

Hi all,
I recently got the path lights and they’re really cool. Unfortunately I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to get the “Light Settings” to work in a reasonable way.

First of all, I really like the “Dusk to Dawn” feature that makes the lights dimly lit during this time. The only problem is that this feature can’t be toggled independently from the “Light sensor.” What’s worse is that sometimes the “dusk to dawn” toggle just doesn’t show up at all. It’s inconsistent and very confusing.

Let me elaborate. My preferred behavior with my lights would be for the lights to be dimly lit from dusk to dawn regardless of whether or not the light sensors detect light. My reasoning for this is that the light levels on my path lights vary, so when dusk begins, only some of my path lights are dimly lit. This just looks bad. I can try adjusting the light sensor threshold, but it’s impossible to get right.

So what do I do? I tried disabling the light sensor entirely, but that just means that the lights turn on when they detect motion even during the day time. This is no good.

I want a way to keep the lights dimly lit on a scheduled basis (based on time, not light) with the ability to control the real lighting based on motion and light.

I don’t think this is that complicated, but it seems like there’s no way to accomplish this in the app.

Am I missing something here or has this product overcomplicated a basic feature?

Hi @user38825. To make sure I understand correctly, do you want your Pathlights to be dimly lit from dusk to dawn, and to not change in brightness when motion is detected? Or do you want them dimly lit from dusk to dawn, and to increase in brightness when motion is detected? If all of your Pathlights are in a group, you should be able to set a Dusk to Dawn Light Schedule so they all come on at the same time.