Path Light, Wall Light and Step Light Notifications are not mutable?

I just installed 4 step lights, 6 path lights and 2 wall lights, all solar and connected to my bridge. They are organized in 3 groups. Everything is working fine but I am constantly bombarded in motion notifications. It seems the only way to disable the notification is to disable motion detection. But then the lights don’t get brighter when someone walks by at night. There has to be a way to do that, right? I need motion detection to be on so the lights get brighter but I do not want a notification. How does one do that?

Hi @frouffignac. The motion alerts will be controlled at the Light Group level, so you should see a Motion Alerts toggle when you select the Light Group rather than a specific device. I’ll attach a screenshot below demonstrating what you should see when you tap on the Light Group from the Devices list. I hope this helps.

Thanks! That did it!

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@frouffignac I’m glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

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