Path light motion detection functionality

I just got a Path light. Only thing I don’t like is the limited control over motion detection. What I want for motion detection when I’m home is for the light to get brighter, but don’t send motion notifications. When I’m away then I want the light to get brighter, send a motion notification, and also link to my floodlight so that records. Problem is that 1) there is a single app setting for all motion detection functions and 2) it doesn’t show up in the Modes settings. Any ideas how to make it work the way I want?

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Hi @JamesRingUser. If I’m interpreting this correctly, this is possible. You can use a combination of Linked Devices and Light Schedules with Light Groups. This will allow you to set specific times for when your lights will be bright, and what cameras they will activate when they detect motion. I hope this helps!