Past Recording not accessible from computer


I am able to access past recording using my smartphone but not from computer when using the browser, i.e. Google Chrome or Firefox. Is the phone app the only way to access past recordings? :frowning:

Hi @edwinuy! You can a ccess your Ring videos from a web browser by l ogging into your web account at Once you’ve logged in there should be a " Dashboard" tab, which will allow you to access your videos. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying.

I don’t see the Dashboard. I have tried using Google Chrome and Firefox.

If I click on my account it shows, the live recoding, and then on the top right, it shows Activity History, My Plans, Order History, Account, Control Center, Logout but nothing close to saying Dashboard.

And then there is the Chat on the bottom right corner. Unless I am losing it, I don’t see any close to saying Dashboard, icon or otherwise. On the left hand side, I can click on All Devices and nothing happens unless I un-maximize the browser window. Now I can see past recordings but up to a certain day only, like now I tried, it shows up to the last 2 days only. Unlike the app on my phone where I can chooe a date and view the recording for that date, I don’t see such option using a browser.

@edwinuy Chiming in for Marley here! Sorry for any previous confusion. If you are on, logged in, and you see your name at the top right - you will hover over your name but you will need to click on Activity History. The tab in your browser will say the tab’s name is “Dashboard,” So Activity History and Dashboard are one of the same! Sorry if that caused any confusion.

Once you are in the Activity History, you will see all events there and by default, it should give you the events for all of your Cameras/Doorbells on one section under Cameras. You may see a selection for Alarm, if you have Ring Alarm. You will need to click on the dropdown for “All Cameras” and select the Doorbell/Cam you wish to view. If you have multiple locations, you will need to click on the Location name at the top and middle area of the page. Once you are on the right camera and location, you will see a list of all events for that device.

They will give you in a most recent order, so the more you scroll down, the longer ago the events were. It will tell you if it’s a Linked Device event, motion event, ding event, etc. Clicking on the event in your history will let you view the video. This viewing is definitely different from the mobile app, and a little similar to our Windows or Mac app. If you are not seeing a certain date of events, I recommend to zoom out in your browser, make sure you browser is up to date, clear your cache/cookies, continue to try and do this on another browser. You can try out the Windows or Mac app as well to see if you enjoy the interface better for this!