Parts for Ring Chime/Pro

the little plastic 3-pin (UK) clip in plug adapter for my ring chime pro has broken (clumsy person walked into it)
how would i go about getting a replacement?
Have checked amazon, ebay, and the ring website and had no luck.

Any advice?

If you can’t find it here ( Accessories | Ring) or via other sellers then you’ll have to wait for them to get in stock (if they even sell them). Otherwise contacting a local electrician might be able to get something working for you.

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Nope, already checked.
it’s a bit irritating, because it looks like a proprietary connection to 2 contacts.
so the replacement has to slide into the rails on the chime pro and line up with the contacts.

Then contacting a local electrician seems to be your best bet at this point.

Good luck.

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