Parcel Drop Box

I have a door bell and 3 spotlight cameras, the only thing missing from the package would be a ring wifi enabled parcel delivery box. Imagine if you was out and the doorbell rang, currently you can answer it and speak to the delivery man BUT it would be great to be able to unlock a parcel drop box and ask him to place it into the box.

Come on ring I challenge you :wink:

I actually quite like this idea. However how large would it be (different sizes etc)? Also would need to have some sort of security like being of fairly solid construction (ie metal) so could get expensive. Would it be a potential target for thieves to find out if anything is in it?

Hi neighbors! Check out Key By Amazon for Ring in this Help Center Article here. This is a great solution for what you are suggesting.

I think the down side of the key by amazon is you also need to get a smart lock and you are actually letting the amazon person into your house (and its USA only I think?) A drop box is a more simple solution but I would have concerns about the drop box being a target for thieves looking to see if anything was in it.