PAR38 LED bulbs using existing fixture with switch

I am considering installing these bulbs in existing exterior fixtures controlled by a switch inside. If the lights are currently turned off, can they be activated by the switch I have inside or must I use the app? My latest conversation with tech support indicated that I must use the app, but it seems very impractical that the only way I can turn on my outside lights is with the app and not a regular switch. If my phone dies and it’s 11pm, I can’t turn on my lights? Please confirm or clarify. Thanks.

Glad you asked, @emace! The Smart Lighting Bulbs can certainly be used, to some extent, without a Bridge. The Smart Lighting Bridge allows you to control these in the Ring app, group them, and even adjust settings and other features for them. Without it, you may simply turn the existing light switch on or off to obtain illumination when desired. :slight_smile: