Pan Tilt stickup cam lacks important features

I was happy to hear that ring had a pan tilt cam but very disappointed in the execution, I have used pan tilt cams for some time now and thought that maybe I could switch to ring but I am finding big issues features that cheaper cameras have that ring does not:
1: You can not mount the ring pan tilt on a ceiling.
2: You can not set up memory locations that the camera can go to at the push of a button
3: There is no motion tracking

Are these being added? If so when? because right now without them the pan-tilt is useless to me.
I can buy a Amcrest cam for $29 that has these features and the ring stickup with pan-tilt at $129 doesn’t have them. I would think that the camera that cost 4 times as much would have more features not less.