Pan/tilt for stick up cam elite please!

I love my Stick up Cam Elite PoE but would love a Pan/Tilt/Zoom Ring PoE camera all in one. I posted that, but someone shot me down saying that camera would be way too expensive.

But now I see Ring sells pan/tilt accessory for Battery Ring. Why can they not integrate it onto the PoE power source?

In the meantime, I’ll take the $45 pan/tilt accessory with regular power for $45 - please make one for the Stick up came Elite!

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I could be mistaken, in your question. But the Pan/tilt for the Stick-Up is manual, not powered. nd you have some pan-Tilt in the Elite mount.

Totally agree - they need to create a Pan Tilt Zoom camera for Ring Elite line. Even if it’s too expensive for the regular line, the people buying elite will pay for it.

Sadly, at this time you are mistaken. Pan tilt not available for PoE camera.