Pan and Tilt preset camera positions

Would it be possible to add the ability to save pre-set positions for the pan and tilt camera as well as setting the default home position. It would be useful for quickly checking entry points when needed e.g Garage or alleyway without having to manually move the camera each time.

I need the same answer as the default position on my pan and tilt does not record what I need and if i position the camera to what I want recorded, the camera will be at shoulder level and will be stolen as I live on a main street.

If the camera is adjusted via the app it defaults back to its original position after ending live view. I am sure its just a software update that can resolve this

I have sorted the problem. Delete the camera and install again and you will have an option to set the pan and tilt at desired default location

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You do not need to reset your device.

Go in to setting, general setting and then select home position.

Hope this helps.

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The user above is absolutely correct.! T U.

Just to clarify the situation. The default position for the camera is nominally - horizontal - straight ahead.
When the camera is up and running, if you want to change from the default (standard) position to a NEW default (standard) position, on the RING App, go to :-

Menu, (top l/h side of screen - (the 3 short horizontal bars.)
(see Your) Camera name,
Device Settings,
General Settings,
Home Position (About half way down) (small cross symbol with arrows)
This shows the current camera position with the 4 arrows to adjust it. (Note!! When you press Home Position, firstly it says Loading then - don’t be alarmed the camera swings about with the words ‘Calibrating’
PRESS the arrows, to achieve your desired camera position.
(Ignore the word RESET on the screen.
Then press Save ( top r/h side of screen) and it should be OK.
I had to do mine a couple of times before I got the exact position I wanted.
As I’m sure you realise, when you move the camera tilt and swing angles during a Live session, after a couple of minutes the camera will return to its default (saved) position. So you don’t have to.
I hope this is helpful.

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I would like multiple preset positions so that I can easily select a preset and not have to manually move it to multiple positions when checking an area. Example in my garage there is a window on the right, camera faces garage door, then on the left is an entry door into the house. Default is garage door but I move to window and entry door all the time. I would like to press 1 and it focuses on entry door, 2 for garage door and 3 for window. It still can default to garage door

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