Override Do Not Disturb Mode in Ring App

All iPhones have a “Do Not Disturb” mode.

It can be activated by the cresent moon icon, or it can be timed to start & stop at a set time each night (or day).

All incoming call, message, notifications alerts, banners etc are silenced during this mode. Including Ring notifications.

There is a feature in the iPhone OS to override “Do Not Disturb” mode for incoming calls or texts from Important/Favourite phone numbers.

It would be excellent for Ring to create a feature in thier app to also override “Do Not Disturb” mode for Ring notifications.

The use case is simple: If there is motion of a person detected outside my door at night, I want to be woken up if if I am in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

In the same way i want to be woken up if i get a call from and important number (elderly relative for example).

This would be an excellent security feature.


I agree with this request. I was amazed to find it wasn’t there - it’s a doorbell and motion sensor!


Please do it!!!


How is this not an option?!!

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I agree! Why is this not an option. I may have to go back to paying $30 a month for the alarm system that I used to have. This is very disappointing.

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It is ridiculous that this is not an option. Completely defeats the purpose of the camera/motion sensor

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Battery cameras - rely on them overnight for picking up any activity. Can you consider allowing development to override do not disturb on iPhones? I would like a notification if the camera is triggered at night but still want my phone on do not disturb for everything else.

The app needs the ability to ignore the do no disturb function on a Samsung Galaxy S10(Android 10) so that Ring notifications can be received while do not disturb is activated.

Yet another repetition. OK, the previous ones were for IOS, but the problem is obviously with the Ring App, not the phone system

Good afternoon. Those of us that have Ring Cameras are concerned with motion in the evening while we are sleeping. Most individuals put their phone (iOS Specifically) in Do Not Disturb at that time. Currently, Ring Camera notifications cannot bypass DND so that the push notification is recieved by the . Our safety could be compromised. Ring should enable critical alerts or DND bypass for Ring Camera Motion alerts on iOS.

Does anyone know if Ring is working on update to the app to allow override of Do Not Distturb which Ring has done for their alarms?

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When I google a solution it says that there is a critical alert notification selection in the settings. I don’t have that option on the ring settings or my iphone’s notification settings.

Please update iOS to send a critical alert if motion is detected by a camera when phone is in do not disturb.

This is a safety concern at night. This alert could be the few seconds needed before someone breaks into your home. Waking the home owner is a must. At least allow the user to decide in the app if they want camera motion to be a critical alert.

Seems no feature to override Ring App to keep turn on door bell ring during Iphone in DO NOT DISTURB mode. It is very important to add this mode during bed time/ night time. Thanks for your consideration.

I agree, please enable ‘critical alerts’ for do not disturb on iOS, please.

I believe this isn’t possible due to iOS limitations, so you’ll have to provide feedback to Apple that you consider this to be an important feature and… wait.

Settings / Notifications / Find Ring in the list / Turn on “Allow Critical Alerts” at the top.

I agree. Maybe there could be a way to add Ring as a favorite which automatically overrides the DO NOT DISTURB?

Please add a way in the app to allow motion and doorbell notifications for all cams while do not disturb mode is turn on on iPhones.