Over exposure and glare, no help from Ring

I have telephoned 2-3 times, was told they would turn my problem over to another level. No response from Ring. I have emailed -still no response.
My ring is hardwired next to door under a porch. The background becomes over exposed every time it is triggered. I have used all the wedges, with no improvement. I have read several boards that say the aperture can be adjusted by Ring at a high level tech support. I can’t reach anyone and customer service is very lacking for getting back to me. I have the subscription but it doesn’t help if I can’t see it when it becomes to bright. Pretty frustrating.

Hey @pcoyle. Since you have already been in contact with our customer support team over the phone, I recommend to re-dial them back. Since we have discontinued emailing support service, this may be why you have not heard back. If you can, please give them a call here. I recommend asking for a level two support agent, especially since you have called in and spoken to support, promised a level two support agent previously. They will make sure to escalate you up to this agent as soon as they can to get this sorted out! :slight_smile: