Outdoor stick up camera & weather

I have an outdoor camera which looks out on back garden and compliments the other seven cameras/alarm dotted in and around home.
Because i didn’t want to drill a hole through wall for cable i opted for the battery version. In normal weather conditions it works absolutely fine day or night,but the moment it rains or worse still, there is fog the camera looses connection and wont connect until the weather gets better.

I have a chime pro which is plugged in (and i kid you not) 4ft away in dining room on the inside of the same wall so it gets a full connection but the weather is still the deciding factor whether it connects to the system.

I’ve tried moving the chime pro to another socket but nothing improves.

Anyone else suffer same???

Hi @Zeb1. I recommend reaching out to our support team to further look into your concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

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